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Heyyyy y'all! I'm Shakira!

I enjoy beautifying women with hair, lashes and make-up. I’m starting this blog to acknowledge Women Wellness; mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.  Here you can relax, breathe and just be human! Here you will find beauty. You’re probably thinking “find beauty.” YES! You will find beauty within yourself! Now, I know you are probably thinking “within myself lol?”

Beauty is defined as a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Beauty is different, it comes in all colors, shapes and sizes! Beauty is what you make it! There is no right or wrong to beauty.  Soooooo, with that being said welcome to Shakira Shakira where you will be motivated, inspired, and beautiful ❣️

Shakira The Entrepreneur

Hello My Beautiful People,


I started wearing bundles in college and fell in love with what we call "inches". Upon graduation in 2013, I was blessed with a vendor from my mom's beautician of 20 plus years. I then started to test different hairs to assure I had good product before selling to others. I started off with hair being a side hustle but over time i grew a passion for beautifying women. I then added lashes to Wright Xtensionz. However, "Wright Xtensionz" is more than hair. When I first launched, the slogan for this hair line was "Write The Vision, Make It Plain" Habakkuk 2:2! My vision for this hair line  is to make all women feel beautiful, priceless, and inspired. I want all of my customers to see God in me and draw near to him. 


Now that I’m relaunching, my slogan is “All Things New” Isaiah 43:19! Everything is new & better.

Love ~ Shakira Shakira

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