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#ALLThingsNew!!! Welcome Back!

Heyyyy Y'all!!

It's been forever and a day since yall heard from me. Did yall miss me? Because I missed yall frfr! Let's catch up real quick, one time for the one time! This year has been a hell of a year; from depressed to stressed to anxiety and grief to peace. This been one emotional roller-coaster but I made it through. I'll be sharing what I've went through this year in the near future via blogs and or vlogs. Newho I'm back and I'm better, God is Good! Let's jump right in! As yall know, is back with a new look #AllThingsNew I've combined my hair site with beauty blog and I've added a booking site. Rather you want a custom wig made, teeth whitening, lash extensions, strip lashes, brow mapping, or microshaded brows, you'll be able to book with me right here on this site. However, im only taking wig appointments for the month of December. My books will be open for other services top of the year. I have so much in store for you Queens and I can't wait to share it with yall! I've started my YouTube channel Shakira Shakira #AllThingzKira. Yall can expect any and everything on my channel. Wig Installments, custom color, make up, travel, food, family time and more. For beauty is truly in everything.

Happy Holidays Queens

Peace & Love

~Shakira Shakira

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