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Fun Fact Friday

Heyyyyyy Y'all! Happy Friday! Soooooo, do yall remember when I told y'all that I don't think I would make it with not having sex after the 30-day fast? Well, guess what?? I've survived another month without sex, but ummmmm this wasn't my choice until this morning lbs. Let me tell y'all how hard the Big Homie (God) be cock-blocking lbs. Do y'all know the man shut everything down. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Like literally nothing goes through which is weird asf because I could always count on my first for sex lbs. God said, "AHT AHT Kira, not this go around." Everytime I get to this point in life, I always hit the sex cycle and in my mind my reason be "one last HIT, then I'll be good!" I never be good though because I find myself back in the same cycle; sex, drugs, and liquor.

I'm soooooo glad the Big Homie shut shit down for me. Last night my first hit me up to come over and It was very tempting, but that quiet voice said, "no don't go." We had a lil text play and I asked him if he wanted to cuddle or ****?? Now, either would have led to sex. That quiet voice was saying go to sleep, but me I had to call and see something. Guess what? No answer. Sooo, then I scrolled past Jakayln Carr's new album and it was a prophetic clip. As I was listening, Guess what?? My first was calling back. That little voice said, "don't answer." Soooo, I didn't answer. Now this morning as I'm finishing up day 3 of my devotion plan, I finally accept and agree to no sex. Let me tell you why! This devotion is titled "Humbling Yourself Before God"! This is a decent read. The subtitle for today's devotion is titled "Reject The Desires Of The World"! What a coincidence right?? The first question this devotion asked was "where do you turn for satisfaction and pleasure???" Like bruhhhhh, ARE YOU SERIOUS JESUS?? Lmao, OK, Get Me Together Why Don't You‼️

Check out the scriptures from the devotion. Titus 2:11-12 11- For the grace of God that bringing salvation hath appeared to all men,12- Teaching us that, denying UNGODLINESS, and WORLD LUSTS, we should live soberly, righteously, and GODLY, in this present world. Now y'all probably wondering what's the fun fact right?? Fun Fact: When it's your time to ascend, it's your time & it's my time! The Crazy part is, as I typed that this song dropped in my spirit and I got to find it now. It says "I'm going up to New atmospheres" or something like that. I believe this song has been played in my church Shut Ins. I will find this song. I think it's by Jason. Found It‼️‼️‼️ It's called Fly by Jason Upton Yessss God🙌🏾 It says, "Going Up To New Atmospheres, Gotta Have NEW EARS‼️" Matthew 11:15 says, "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear!" Y'all have to check this song out. XOXO Shakira Shakira

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