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It’s Fitness Friday

Heyyyyy Y'all! Fridays will be "Fitness Fridays!" Fridays' blogs will be about fitness, health and my personal journey. I've struggled with my weight ALL my life. LITERALLY! Being healthy is one of my top three goals. I've tried a few personal trainers, diets and shakes, but I still haven't managed to accomplish my weight loss goals. I've lacked consistency with my eating habits, which is the most important part to weight loss. However, I've recently started my fitness journey again.

I'm now a distributor for HerbalLife! I will be using their products and sharing my journey with you all. I've tried sooo many healthy shakes and detoxes, to the point I was no longer interested due to the horrible taste. However, after watching my current coach, Imani's fitness journey, I decided to give it one last try. When selecting my products, I chose flavors that I knew I couldn't go wrong with. I chose Cookies & Cream and French Vanilla for my shake flavors. Also, I chose Mango, for my aloe flavor which is mixed with tea.

I must admit these flavors are FYEEEEEE and I actually enjoy making these shakes! Today, I mixed 1 scoop of Cookies and Cream, 1 scoop of French Vanilla added a banana with 8oz of water and 5 ice cubes; the results were Bombbbbbb. It was love at first sip lbs. Stay tuned for Next week's "Fitness Friday Blog." I will be sharing my before "HerbalLife" picture and my food intake for the week.

XOXO - Shakira Shakira

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