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March on Washington 2020

Heyyyyy Y'all! I'm late but let me tell yall about this HISTORY I was a part of! Friday August 28, 2020, I was at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., which was the 57th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s March nn Washington. The march was organized by Reverend Al Sharpton and the National Action Network. The march was called “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks”!

This was one hell of an experience! It was sooooo many people there; all shapes, sizes, colors and even kids! Everyone had on some type of Black Lives Matter apparel and different signs with different quotes. To see this many people gathered together for one cause leaves me speechless. It's one thing to hear about it, but is it a whole other thing to witness this first hand. The crazy part is that it was hotter than ever; at least 95 plus degrees. There were tens of thousands of people who still rallied, protested and marched. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE‼️ SAY THEIR NAME‼️

George Floyd‼️Breonna Taylor‼️ Sandra Bland‼️ Atatiana Jefferson‼️ Aura Rosser‼️Stephon Clark‼️ Botham Jean‼️ Philando Castille‼️ Alton Sterling‼️ Michelle Cusseaux‼️ Freddie Gray‼️ Janisha Fonville‼️ Eric Garner‼️ Akai Gurley‼️ Gabriella Nevarez‼️ Tamir Rice‼️ Michael Brown‼️ Tanisha Anderson‼️ David McTee‼️ Dreasjon “Sean” Reed‼️ Michael Brent Charles Ramos‼️ Manuel Elijah Ellis‼️ Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr‼️ Charles Roundtree Jr.‼️ Chinedu Okobi‼️ Botham Shem Jean‼️ Antwon Rose Jr.‼️ Saheed Vassell‼️ Stephon Alonzo Clark‼️Aaron Bailey‼️ Charleena Chavon Lyes & (14-15 week fetus)‼️ Jordan Edwards‼️ Chad Robertson‼️ Deborah Danner‼️ Alfred Olango‼️ Terrance Crutcher‼️ Terrance LeDell Sterling‼️ Korryn Gaines‼️ Joseph Curtis Mann‼️ Bettie Jones‼️ Quintonio LeGrier‼️ Corey Lamar Jones‼️ Jamar O’Neal Clark‼️ Jeremy McDole‼️ India Kager‼️ Samuel Vincent DuBose‼️ Brendon Glenn‼️ Walter Lamar Scott‼️ Eric Courtney Harris‼️ Phillip Gregory White‼️ Mya Shawatza Hall‼️ Meagan Hockaday‼️ Tony Terrell Robinson Jr.‼️ Janisha Fonville‼️ Natasha McKenna‼️ Jerame Reid‼️ Rumain Brisbon‼️ Dante Parker‼️ Ezell Ford‼️ John Crawford III‼️ Dontre Hamilton‼️ Victor White III‼️ Gabriella Nevarez‼️ Yvette Smith‼️ McKenzie Cochran‼️ Jordan Baker‼️ Andy Lopez‼️ Miriam Iris Carey‼️ Barrington Williams‼️ Jonathan Ferrell‼️ Carlos Alcis‼️ Larry Eugene Jackson Jr.‼️ Kyam Livingston‼️ Clinton R. Allen‼️ Kimani Gray‼️ Kayla Moore‼️ Jamaal Moore‼️ Johnnie Warren‼️ Shelly Marie Frey‼️ Darnisha Diana Harris‼️ Timothy Russell‼️ Malissa Williams‼️ Noel Palanco‼️ Reynaldo Cuevas‼️ Chavis Carter‼️Alesia Thomas‼️ Shantel Davis‼️ Sharmel T. Edwards‼️ Tamon Robinson‼️ Ervin Lee Jefferson‼️ Kendrec McDade‼️ Rekia Boyd‼️ Shereese Francis‼️ Jersey K. Green‼️ Wendell James Allen‼️ Nehemiah Lazar Dillard‼️ Dante’ Lamar Price‼️ Raymond Luther Allen Jr.‼️ Manual Levi Loggins Jr. ‼️ Ramarley Graham‼️ Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.‼️ Alonzo Ashley Jr.‼️ Kenneth Harding Jr. ‼️ Derek Williams‼️ Raheim Brown Jr.‼️ Reginald Doucet‼️ Derrick Jones‼️ Danroy Henry Jr. ‼️Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones‼️ Steven Eugene Washington‼️ Aaron Campbell‼️ Kiwane Carrington‼️ Victor Steen‼️ Shem Walker 🔱Oscar Grant III‼️ Tarika Wilson‼️ DeAunta Terrel Farrow‼️ Sean Bell‼️ Kathryn Johnston‼️ Ronald Curtis Madison‼️ James B. Brissette Jr.‼️ Henry Glover‼️ Timothy Stansbury Jr.‼️ Ousmane Zongo‼️ Alberta Spruill‼️ Kendra Sarie James‼️ Orlando Barlow‼️ Timothy DeWayne Thomas Jr.‼️ Ronald Beasley‼️ Earl Murray‼️ Patrick Moses Dorismond‼️ Prince Carmen Jones Jr.‼️ Malcolm Ferguson‼️ LaTanya Haggerty‼️ Margaret LaVerne Mitchell‼️ Amadou Diallo‼️ Tyisha Shenee Miller‼️ Dannette Daniels‼️ Frankie Ann Perkins‼️ Nicholas Heyward Jr.‼️ Mary Mitchell‼️ Yvonne Smallwood‼️ Eleanor Bumpers‼️ Michael Jerome Stewart‼️ Eula Mae Love‼️ Arthur Miller Jr.‼️ Randolph Evans‼️ Rita Lloyd‼️ Henry Dumas‼️

S A Y T H E I R N A M E ❣

✔This is a very vital time for all. The election for our 46th President is 2 months away. I encourage all to vote. Your vote counts‼️ 💕 XOXO

Shakira Shakira

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