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Truth Is...

Heyyyyyyyy Y'all! Sooooo, the truth is I never should have let him gooooooo and it's killing me cause now I knowwwww 不不不不 Jk! Did y'all sing that ?? Lmao ! Okay, naw for real though, truth Is In my 28 years, I've only been in three real relationships. One with a female and two with males. I was younger when I was with a female. She was older than me and babyyyyyyyy shorty had my head gone GONE Lbs. I can honestly say I was stupid over her. When I say stupid, I mean stupid STUPID潘 I was soooooo stupid! I dropped out of college fall semester of my sophomore year. Although she told me not to, I left school and moved back to Chicago to be with her. To my surprise, it was a whole other type of game upon my return. When I tell y'all HURT, I was beyond hurt and heart broken However, I wasn't stupid enough to not go back to school. I went back full -time, went to summer school and still graduated on time with not only my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, but with a minor in Sociology as well, WOP潘

Newho, it took me years to get over her. After her my heart was slick cold because I couldn't figure out how another girl could cause me sooo much pain. I was hurt to the point where I knew I could NEVER be with another bihhh frfr. My heart was sooo cold that when I finally got in a relationship with a male, I let him in a little, but not all the way. TOO RISKY潘 However, I still loved him with all I had. He was a decent guy, but I just wasn't with all the mushy shit because in my mind, a male would never have the chance to hurt me like she did. Being that way caused a few problems or 12 in our relationship. I cared, but I didn't over care. I was sooooo nonchalant. Newho, I always told him that if and when we break up, I'd be single till I'm 30 ,no bullshit! I gave myself 5 years to get ME together on every level and in every aspect! Relationships are sooooo much work! I must admit that I learned soooooo much from my 4-5 year relationship and honestly he slick prepared me for my next one. I learned exactly what I wanted in a relationship. I learned what I'd accept and wouldn't accept. I learned that it's okay to have standards, but most importantly I learned to LOVE ME潘 ACCEPT ME潘 VALUE ME潘 I'm 28 now and i'll be 29 in 4 months

Guess what y'all?? Remember when I said I'd only been in 2 relationships with a male?? Welp, it turns out that I still have hella interest in my very first boyfriend lbs. Shorty still cool asf, funny asf, and fine asf! People I went to college with know about this man because I used to talk about him quite a bit. The most funniest male I knew. The only male I had met that matched my funny side. If you know me, you know I'm funny asl in real life; that's my boy there! I'll tell y'all the rest on another day. Just know when I hit 30, I'll be ready for him for sure for sure on every level and in every aspect! XOXO Shakira Shakira

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