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Why Fast?

I use to fast for weight lost but now I fast for DISCIPLINE‼ The first five months of 2022 has been hell in many ways, and I found myself not being able to do what I said I was or wasn’t going to do! The battle of the mind is real. I had to ask myself, “why you can’t do what you say you will or wont do?” I realized that I lacked discipline. I feel that majority of things in life is more so mental than anything. If you’re not disciplined in one area, you’re probably not disciplined in another area, if not all areas. Well maybe not you, but definitely me lbs. Towards the end of May, I made a decision that I was going to fast the month of June. The No Meat part stemmed from me failing “No Meat March”, which I’ve successfully completed the last two years. I decided that not only was I going to fast from meat, but also junk food, sweets, pop, alcohol, and weed! Whewwwww Chileeeee! That’s alot to cut off cold turkey! Everything was all cool initial the 9th day of June! I had went to the grocery store twice within 9 days and only came out with eggs, plant base, and cheese! Talk about HURT, I was OVER IT!! Guess what I did? If you thinking I ate meat or sweets, AHT AHT, I rolled a blunt and was cool lbs. Soooo 9 days and I failed. #Cool I wasn’t mad nor disappointed with self. In fact, I smoked every day or every other day for the rest of the month. Here it is the last day of June, and I only reneged on weed! #That’sDope #Literally🤣

The down side for me with fasting from meat is that I picked up on carbs and I do not like the lil pounds I gained. Going forward, I’m going to continue practicing mental discipline by way of fasting. The month of July, well after the 4th, I will continue fasting from junk food and pop. Since I reneged on weed, I’ll make sure to not smoke in July. I will no longer be eating red meat and after the 4th I’m going full pescatarian with low carbs plus exercising 3-4 days a week.

Sooo yeahhh, why fast? #Discipline


Shakira Shakira💕

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